Start date:
Jan, 2016
Completion date:
March, 2016
UNDP Mongolia
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Scope of the study: The major partnerships include over 20 ministries of Mongolia, regulatory and implementing agencies of the Government, international and non-governmental organizations - National Statistical Office in Mongolia (NSO) and National Committee on Gender Equality, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice.

Purpose/goal of the study: 

  • To provide qualitative analysis with the baseline data under SDG 5 indicators as well as with the sex-disaggregated baseline data under SDG 1, 8, 11, 13 and 16 using the existing SDG data assessment framework;
  • Thoroughly reviewing identified data sources as well as recommending more specific methodologies for data collection of selected SDG indicators which are still in data gaps

Data collection: 

The study was conducted in Ulaanbaatar, covering over 30 organizations, including ministries, regulatory and implementing agencies of the government, international and non-governmental organizations. we developed the following data collection methods:

  • In-depth interview
  • Semi-structured interview
  • Literature review

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