Start date:
January 2016
Completion date:
April 2016
World Bank, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC
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Survey coverage: In frame of the survey, 3 districts from Ulaanbaatar and 10 aimag centers and 10 soums were covered and 1067 household questionnaires, 90 questionnaires of CSOs, 30 KII of CSOs, 57 KII of Government, 19 KII of Media, 10 KII of Think tank were surveyed and organized 10 workshops in the rural and  urban areas.

Background: The overall goal of the MASAM project is that citizens in poor localities have increased access to public decision-making processes and quality services through social accountability. The MASAM program aims to mainstream social accountability for more transparent, accountable and effective public resource management at national and local levels by (1) increasing the capacity of CSOs to hold governmemt to account; and (2) strengthening the institutionalization of social accountability by improving the effectiveness, formalization and sustainability of disclosure and participation mechanisms. Through social accountability, citizens in poor localities will have increased access to public decision-making processes and quality services.

Survey purpose : The research purpose is to collect information - to construct a Baseline Survey – which will subsequently be used to measure developments in people’s knowledge and perceptions of social accountability; and disclosure based on SA mechanisms implemented after the implementation of the project.

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