Start date:
July 2016
Completion date:
September 2016
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IRIM is conducting survey “Technical Specifications for the Study on Technical Needs of Mercury Management in Mongolia” by the request of “EX” Research Institute of Japan within cooperation between Japanese Ministry of the Environment and Mongolian Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

The purpose of this study is to identify issues and challenges on the legislation of mercury management and its implementation in Mongolia.

We have collected required data from related state organizations in the field of environment and health; also we have conducted interviews with related officers from above mentioned organizations within the scope of the survey.

IRIM is organizing a workshop on 27th Sep, 2016 at The Freshwater Resources and Nature Conservation Center to present the results of the survey.

During the workshop, officials of Mongolian Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Japanese Ministry of Environment and other related organizations are going to give speech. Most importantly this workshop provides an opportunity for the two country representatives to share their experiences of mercury management.

Acknowledgements: Japanese Ministry of Environment, Japanese EX Research Institute, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Ministry of Health, Institute of Public Health, Ulaanbaatar City Government, State Specialized Inspection Agency, Coal-fired power plant 3 and 4.

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