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IRIM successfully organized the baseline survey of ‘Mongolia Enhancing Resource Management through Institutional Transformation’ (MERIT) project. The project will be implemented in Mongolia over 6 years between 2016 and 2022 by the Canadian Executive Service Association (CESO). Funded by Canadian government, the MERIT project will be implemented in the extractive industry of Mongolia to provoke sustainable social and economic development by building management capacity and strengthening coordination of key strategic sector institutions and effective collaboration among key stakeholders.

IRIM’s survey established a ‘base’ which will then be used as a comparison point for further follow-ups and evaluations of the MERIT project. For the baseline survey, IRIM organized data collection from the main stakeholders involved in the project. These include the Ministry of Mining, the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism, the Petroleum Authority of Mongolia, the Mineral Resources Authority of Mongolia and the Mongolian National Mining Association.

As only the state owned organization that provides trainings for civil servants to build their skills by both their organizations’ order, National Academy of Governance (NAG) was the main field where majority of the data collections were carried out.

Using the tools provided by the client CESO, both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collections, a total of 40 interviews with officials from the above mentioned two ministries and the government agencies were conducted. 100 telephone interviews with NAG short term training graduates and 10 lecturers from NAG were carried out.


The project team would like to express our deepest gratitude for their involvement and support to the following organizations and individuals: CESO-MERIT, NAG, MoM, MRAM, MEGDT and MNMA

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