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Zoological Society of London
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IRIM successfully conducted the household and market survey of "Silent Steppe II-Illegal wildlife trade in Mongolia” ordered by “Zoological Society of London”, aimed to estimate quantity and scale of wildlife take, use and trade in Mongolia. 

Survey purpose:

Provide estimation of quantity and scale of wildlife take, use and trade in Mongolia.

Survey objective:

  • Develop a robust study design to meet the study objectives to replicate “Silent Steppe: The Illegal Wildlife Trade Crisis in Mongolia” (2006) study and to capture project specific information
  • Gather empirical evidence on the quantity and scale of wildlife use, take and trade
    • Identify the current wildlife product consumption and main factors
    • Identify the current wildlife take and trade status
  • Identify and assess the state of public awareness and attitudes toward wildlife use and trade
  • Provide detailed documentation of survey procedures for future replication purpose
  • Identify potential correlation between the market and household surveys

Appreciation: Much appreciated to the “Zoological Society of London” and “Legal Atlas” LLC for the effective cooperation and enormous support on the survey implementation

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