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World Vision Mongolia (WVM)
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The purpose of the evaluation was to indicate the long-term impacts of the Bulgan Area Development Programme (BADP) and projects on the wellbeing of children, family and communities over the past 15 years. The evaluation aimed to produce the following outputs:

  1. Determine the impacts/or potential impacts made with regards to WVI’s programming into well-being of children and communities; 
  2. How ADP interventions actually contributed to the changes explored and to what extent stakeholders and other players contributed to the change;
  3. Determine the extent to which partnerships have been established and synergies been created through  WV programming;

Assess the readiness of stakeholders to take on the future work of driving development in their communities;

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The IRIM evaluation team undertook the final evaluation of the BADP of WV Mongolia between 22 March, 2016 and 10 April, 2016. The evaluation was conducted with the preparation of the survey methods and tools, data collection, data processing and final report preparation. The valuation team followed the below design to evaluate results and implementation of the project.

  • Non-experimental: The evaluation team evaluated the impact of the on-going project. This evaluation design was used because it was not necessary to randomly select a control group.
  • Post-test only: The evaluation focused on measuring the target group at one point in time after the intervention, focusing particularly on comparing responses of sub-groups based on such characteristics as: level of exposure to the intervention.

Qualitative based: The evaluation was based on qualitative data collection and analysis methods, which helped to define key beneficiaries’ and stakeholders’ perceptions and open views; rather than a quantitative approach.

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