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The main goal of this assessment was to identify the risk of corruption in different decision-making stages throughout the geology and mining sector, and to rate the identified corruption risks. A mitigation action plan was formulated based on the risks of corruption identified in the data collection phase of the assessment. The results of this assessment can be used as a base for corruption risk M&E of the geology and mining sector.

The assessment team aimed to reflect views of the respondents—ministries, agencies, province and district governors, CRK, CSOs, state and private companies, civil society organizations, industry associations and local citizens—equally; and received comments from all key stakeholders.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • IRIM team adopted and used A Practitioner’s Guide for Corruption Risk Mitigation in Extractive Industries developed by UNDP.
  • IRIM team developed key informant interview guideline for stakeholders.
  • Forty-three interviews were conducted with representatives—from ministries, agencies, local authorities, civil society organizations and mining companies—involved in decision-making in the four phases of mining. Also, a desk review of 70 documents was conducted.
  • The assessment team also developed a proposal for a corruption risk mitigation action plan, and submitted it to the Working Group established by the Resolution of the Minister for Mining No. A/40 of 12 April, 2016 for developing ‘Corruption Risk Mitigation Action Plan’. 
  • After completing the data collection, data entry and data quality checkings were made. 
  • During the development of the assessment report, assessment team finalized the report by reflecting feedbacks from various stakeholders of the government, non-government organizations.
  • The dissemination of assessment findings and corruption risk mitigation plan were organized among international, national and local stakeholders. Approximately, 70 representatives were took a part in the disseminations.
  • IRIM team submitted the assessment report and other main outputs to the client.

During the course of the assessment, assessment team consulted and collaborated with the representatives of the Ministry of Mining, Independent Authority against Corruption  and UNDP team.


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