Start date:
March 2014
Completion date:
June 2014
The Asia Foundation
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Main goal of the survey is to determine current circumstances of giving money and gift to doctors and nurses from clients. Objectives are:

  • To bring experience of clients on giving money and gifts when receiving health services from doctors and nurses
  • To determine primary factors of doctors and nurses for taking money and gift from client for providing services
  • To assess clients predilection (concepts and attitudes about giving money and gifts)
  • To disseminate survey results in health sector of Mongolia    

The study covered 700 clients, 110 doctors and 90 nurses. During the data collection IRIM collected 200 semi-structured interviews, 700 questionnaires, desk review and 6 case studies from a total of 16 health care state organization in Ulaanbaatar.

The results of the 2014 survey contains a lot of data, statistics and information in general.

  •  Reviewed of relevant reference materials
  •  Developed and agreed a methodology for the collection of relevant data.
  •  Proposed an appropriate approach for conducting the study.

·         Developed the tentative work plan and scheduled for the conducting study. Consulted with TAF team and agree on sites, schedule and work plan. Prepared a draft budget for the entire study, including the field costs, for review and approval by the TAF.

Conducted a perception study based on agreed methodology and approach within agreed time frame.


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TAF-CHS-Final report (1).pdf
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