Silent Steppe II-Illegal wildlife trade in Mongolia Zoological Society of London MINING , GOVERNANCE 2016.04.20 - 2016.11.24
Baseline Study for the Mainstreaming Social Accountability In Mongolia World Bank, Swiss Agency for Development and ... GOVERNANCE January 2016 - April 2016
Survey on Best Practices in the Vegetables, Livestock and Textiles Sectors of Mongolia- Lump Sum 1 – LS1 European Union, and GFA Consulting Group GOVERNANCE October, 2015 - February, 2016
Assessment of Labor Law of Mongolia Institute of Labor Studies, Ministry of Labor of ... GOVERNANCE 2013-08 - 2013-11
Baseline and Outcome Monitoring Surveys for the One-Stop-Shop Project Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation N/A 2013-03 - 2014-03
National Cooperatives Assessment CHF International N/A 2009-10 - 2010-06