The International Conference on Democracy in the 21st Century will award up to 4 travel grants for Mongolian scholars who are currently living abroad. 

About the Conference

In 2018, Mongolia is chosen as a host country to hold the International Conference on Democracy for its unique experience of democratic transition which represents a ‘least likely’ case of democratization in the Central Asian region and for its relative success in consolidating democracy.

This year is also the occasion of 10th anniversary of the Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM), the conference organizer.

With this call for applications, the World Society Foundation (WSF) and IRIM encourage Mongolian scholars to investigate the evolution of democratic structures, the main challenges and the ways forward to advance democracy in the 21st century. A total of 16 international scholars from 14 different countries and 8 national scholars will present their papers to the Conference, creating an opportunity to share knowledge and information between the participants.

The conference activities will be in English. There is no fee for registration. Participation without grant is open to interested individuals. (Please contact us for further details)

Conference topic

We welcome original work from Mongolian scholars and academics living abroad and invite to submit abstracts on any of the following Conference focus areas:  

  1. Urban-Rural cleavages and democracy
  2. Civil society and democracy
  3. Extractive economics, resources-rich countries and democracy

Travel grants

The WSF provides funding for up to 4 travel grants for those who will be presenting at the conference and who have submitted the most relevant applications. The grants will cover conference travel cost (one or two way air travel) to Ulaanbaatar and will be awarded to the most outstanding applications.

Instructions for submission of applications

Interested applicants wishing to present original research should fill the conference application form and send their resume. The application form includes a section for abstract. The abstract should be in line with the Conference title and topics and should not exceed 500 words (3500 characters). It should include the the issues/theories, research methods, data sources and analytical tools to be used.

The application procedures and key dates are:

  1. Submit online application: May 4, 2018
    1. Complete online application form: Click here
    2. Submit abstract (included in the online application form)
    3. Submission of an up-to-date CV/Resume to:  
  2. Acceptance/rejection notification to applicants: May 9, 2018
  3. Submission of full papers:  July 2, 2018

The Conference Scientific Advisory Board members will evaluate the abstract proposals and ask successful applicants to elaborate their abstracts into full papers in English.


The most outstanding conference contributions will be published under the WSF's own book series called ‘World Society Studies’. More detailed information on previous volumes are available on the Foundation’s website (under ‘Publications’).  Full paper for publication is not mandatory.


For all conference issues contact and visit our websites for updates at and