To contribute to leading development by creating trustworthy knowledge for everyone.


To be the leading center of knowledge in Mongolia on development-related issues and to provide world-class independent research outcomes.

Quality Policy Statement 

IRIM is committed to providing independent research and consulting products and services with the highest possible level of quality; that meets international standards and customer satisfaction at all times and using continually improving processes.

The Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM) is one of Mongolia’s leading national organizations specializing in research, monitoring and evaluation, training, advocacy and consulting projects.

IRIM was one of the very first organizations in Mongolia to promote independent, third-party research as institutional practice and develop expectations of effective research management and technology. With full knowledge of the good we can accomplish, we are passionate about raising the level of competition among Mongolian consultancies and highlighting the realities in Mongolia to its citizenry and the world.

IRIM has:

Successfully implemented 280+ projects throughout Mongolia since 2008.

  • 300+ experienced professionals in the fields of sociology, economics, management, social work, and legal studies.
  • Executed projects for 100+ clients and collaborated with 50+ organizations, which are based locally and overseas.