The Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM) is one of Mongolia’s leading national organizations specializing in research, monitoring and evaluation, training, advocacy and consulting projects.

IRIM was one of the very first organizations in Mongolia to promote independent, third-party research as institutional practice and develop expectations of effective research management and technology. With full knowledge of the good we can accomplish, we are passionate about raising the level of competition among Mongolian consultancies and highlighting the realities in Mongolia to its citizenry and the world.


IRIM LLC was founded in 2008. Our mission is to become a world-class company that provides high-quality, independent consulting services and research outcomes and impact. The aim of IRIM is to carry out research and consultancy works in a professional, independent and timely manner.


In late 2008, by the initiatives of its founders in late 2008, IRIM NGO was established to help build a better society in Mongolia through spreading independent and high quality information, promote cooperation between government, industry and civil society and to implement programmes that are innovative and responsive to the needs of the Mongolian population.

IRIM NGO was completely financed by IRIM LLC until 2011. In 2012, IRIM NGO started implementing projects for international and government funded projects and as a result became financially independent. Our aim is for IRIM NGO to be sustainable and completely financially and operationally independent from the company  by 2020.

IRIM has:

  • Successfully implemented 160+ projects throughout Mongolia since 2008.
  • 25+ experienced professionals in the fields of sociology, economics, management, social work, and legal studies.
  • Executed projects for 80+ clients and collaborated with 290+ organizations, which are based locally and overseas.