Project management experience

Since its inception in 2008, IRIM has managed over 163 projects, with as many as 8 projects being implemented simultaneously at any one time. The volume and quality of these projects are a testament to IRIM’s capacity to effectively manage projects. Our management practices also include constant professional development, which means that IRIM staff are always up scaling their skills in line with project requirements.

Our projects cover many topics and we collaborate with government, the private sector and civil society organizations.


Research operations and projects have, on average, accounted for 52 percent of our portfolio. While monitoring and evaluation has accounted for 29 percent; training for 10 percent and advocacy and public outreach activities for 7 per cent.

Geographical experience

IRIM has successfully conducted projects in more than 270 soums of the 21 provinces of Mongolia as well as the major cities.

Over 90 percent of IRIM’s research projects are regional or national in scope. At any given time we have a team of researchers somewhere in Mongolia implementing a project.

IRIM’s capacity to conduct projects across the country is facilitated by its extensive cooperation with local governments and officials which is a key factor to the success of our projects.