Over the last 5 years, IRIM has successfully conducted projects in more than 220 soums of 21 provinces in Mongolia and the major cities including Ulaanbaatar, the capital city. Today, IRIM's presence in cities and rural areas is increasingly prominent.

As over 90 percent of the company’s research projects are regional or national in scope, many parts of the country are visited by IRIM staff routinely. This results in almost year-round rotation for our researchers across the country; at any given time we have a team of researchers somewhere in Mongolia implementing a project.

Moreover IRIM establishes temporary field offices anywhere in the country. This ensures effective coordination of large-scale or long-term projects between the head office, field staffs and clients. IRIM has necessary equipments for temporary field office use and field missions.

Last but not least, IRIM’s capacity to conduct projects across the country is facilitated by its extensive cooperation with local governments and officials. Our past experiences show that one of the key factors for effective implementation of research, advocacy or training projects is cooperation with local officials, at the most primary level. As they are the ones who work with citizens at most regular basis and who have more knowledge about the households and individuals. During our projects, their cooperation is an invaluable asset to identify project target groups.

Geographical experience

IRIM has successfully conducted projects in more than 220 soums of the 21 provinces of Mongolia.
The map presents our references in specific provinces and cities.