The organizational framework of IRIM has three levels – policy, management and operations. All teams regularly work closely with each other.



The Board, consists of a President, Chair and four members. The board provides overall strategic guidance and make policy decisions for the IRIM. It examines current programmes and sets the agenda for future work

Executive Director

The Executive Director serves as a head of staff, providing direction and supervision and implementing the organization's strategic goals and objectives.

Deputy and Operations Directors 

The Operations Director oversees a projects’ planning and implementation phase and is the focal point who liaises between administrative staff and project staff. The Operations Director provides guidance, support and coordination at the operational level of IRIM and performs standard internal process monitoring at every stage of each project and on a daily basis.

Deputy Director is responsible mostly for the quality of a project and manages the data quality team.

Administrative staff 

The administration  staff include our office manager, accountant and IT manager. They are full time employees of IRIM and are directed by the operations director.

Project teams 

There are generally 4 to 6 project teams operating simultaneously at IRIM. The size and composition of project teams vary extensively depending on the nature of the project. The principle investigators, project managers, researchers and field supervisors are mostly time full-time employees of IRIM. As such they are able to provide consistency to our projects and can develop long-lasting connections with our clients.

Consultants team 

IRIM has the backing of a team of specialists and consultants that enables IRIM to apply the appropriate expertise, resources and tools as required. The Consultants Team consists of both internal (full-time) and external (part-time) consultants.

Subcontracted support staff

Project support staff mostly consists of those contracted with IRIM on a given project, who work a regular and prearranged schedule.  IRIM has an established roster of subcontracted researchers that ensures our ability to meet client requirements. We have approximately 30 subcontracted researchers and support staff available to work on research projects at any time.