To date, we have cooperated and partnered with over 80 organizations which are based locally and overseas. We have:

  • Executed projects for 80+ clients
  • Worked with 40+ international organisations
  • Worked with 18+ government agencies
  • Partnered with 5+ civil society organiastions and 9+ businesses·        
  • Collaborated with 9+ universities

While centered in Ulaanbaatar, we closely cooperate with local governmental organizations for various reasons ranging from interviewing the officers to providing training for them.  

To name some of our clients and cooperating agencies:

International organizations:

  •  Asian Development Bank
  •  GIZ
  •  IFC - World Bank
  •  Millenium Challenge Account-Mongolia,
  •  JICA
  •  Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
  •  UNFPA
  •  UNDP
  •  Asia Foundation
  •  Save the Children Japan
  •  Mercy corps Mongolia
  •  ADRA
  •  CHF-International Mongolia
  •  ANSA-East Asia Pacific
  •  International Initiative for Impact Evaluation

 Governmental organizations:

  •  Ministry of Finance
  •  Ministry of Health
  •  Ministry of Education
  •  Culture and Science
  •  Ministry of Labour
  •  Ministry of Mining
  •  Ministry of Population Development and Social Welfare
  •  Ministry of Justice
  •  Bank of Mongolia
  •  National Committee on Gender Equality
  •  Police Department of Mongolia
  •  State Registration Office of Mongolia Independent Authority Against Corruption
  •  Institute of Education
  •  Ulaanbaatar City Mayor's Office
  •  Governors’ offices of Bayanzurkh, Sukhbaatar and Chingeltei districts and of aimags

 Civil society:

  •  Open Society Forum
  •  National  Network of Mongolian Women’s NGOs
  •  Globe International NGO
  •  Human Security Policy Studies Center
  •  Citizens' Budget Oversight Network of Mongolia
  •  Transparency International Mongolia


  •  School of Social Science of National University of Mongolia
  •  Institute of Education
  •  National University of Mongolia
  •  Mongolian State University of Education
  •  Institute of Technology
  • Etugen University 
  • Institute of New Medical Science
  • Australian Griffith University