Our consultants have a large skill that covers the entire project lifecycle from proposal development all the way to disseminating the results. Completing all the tasks within short deadlines and to the clients expectation of quality is a challenge they are prepared for and motivates them to work harder.

We partner with Mongolian and international consultants through various methods including:

  • Online/remote assistance
  • Part time work
  • Project based role
  • Our consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds such as:
  • Public procurement
  • Education
  • Gender and social safeguards
  • Project management
  • Labour economics
  • Public health
  • Finance
  • Law and legal studies
  • Social insurance
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Statistics

In general our consultants have the following qualifications:

  • At least a Master’s level degree in a relevant field
  • Experience in research, monitoring and evaluation, and project management
  • Proven record of participating in large projects; in particular, experience in the implementation stages of projects from international organizations and governments
  • Demonstrated capacity in leading and participating high performing teams
  • Fluent in English