As we reported before, The Independent Research Institute of Mongolia has successfully implemented the “Pilot Study of Lifestyle and Culture of Mongolia” project in collaboration with the research team of KOBE University of Japan.

The continuation of above mentioned project, “Analyzing the economic and social impact of the access to the infrastructure center” project recently has finished its successful implementation from January 2019 to March 2019.

The aim of this project was to study and compare the lifestyles and characteristics of households living inside, and outside of the Infrastructure Service Center. The survey covered total of 670 household heads from 7th khoroo of Chingeltei district and 18th khoroo of Sukhbaatar district. The project team has collected data by pre-prepared questionnaires. The questionnaire included unique questions which asks the lifestyle, attitude towards public policy from the government, and the engagements of the citizens.  Additionally, the use of innovative method by playing 3 types of game when providing the incentives has attracted and improved the participation of the respondents. After the data collection, the project team has conducted multiple type of quality checks and submitted the final product to the client.

The IRIM team is convinced that the findings of the study on the lifestyle and characteristics of people living in the ger districts (especially in the area of re-construction) will contribute to the further development of the project.