In 2015, IRIM started a tradition to host an Annual Reception named after IRIM’s president and ambassador, Dr Bekhbat Khasbazar. The Reception aims to provide stakeholders with a platform to engage in dialogue and share their opinions on particular issues and subjects.

The Reception highlights a different subject each year. The chosen theme serves to  widen stakeholders’ understanding, attitudes, and participation in promoting social impacts. In 2016, our reception focused on: ‘Sustainable Development Vision and Sustainable Development goals in Mongolia—The role of Independent Evaluation.

Within the past two years, IRIM has been working to introduce its in-house, self-initiated research and advocacy projects. For instance, our national survey "Social Cohesion and Subjective Well-being Survey of Mongolia" was launched in 2018.

This year, IRIM will be organizing the reception under the topic: ‘The Digital Transparency Index for Government Organizations’. IRIM began monitoring the transparency of government agency websites in 2011 and has continued to conduct annual monitoring surveys. In 2019, IRIM developed the Digital Transparency Index (DTI) as a standardized method to compare digital transparency on an international scale. DTI was piloted in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.

This year’s reception will be held on December 11th,  2019, and we will officially reveal our monitoring survey for ‘The Digital Transparency Index of Government Organizations’ and present our results.