IRIM has been annually implementing the ‘Student Researcher” program as part of our social responsibility. We aim to improve the research knowledge and skills of university students studying in various sectors, except for sociology and social work.

The program in 2023 has been successfully completed under the theme of “Climate-Resilient Development.” The program was organized within the framework of the following activities over five weeks:

  • Participation in training sessions covering topics such as climate change, climate-resilient development, gender trends, research methodology, and research projects.
  • Introduction to research projects implemented, including experiences and lessons learned at IRIM.
  • Division into teams to create video content on the chosen topic, contributing to raising awareness about climate change among the public.

We hope that the program has contributed to the empowerment of young people studying in each sector, who will play a vital role in the development of the country—adding drops to the seas. We wish all our students a great deal of success throughout their future careers!"