From 26-30 October, IRIM participated at the 4th International Conference on National Evaluation Capacities (NEC) in Bangkok, Thailand. The theme of the conference was ‘Blending Evaluation Principles with Development Practices to Change People’s Lives’.

Around 400 delegates from 100 countries, representing a range of institutions (government, parliaments, development organisations, multi-lateral and bi-lateral organisations, professional evaluation organisations) came together during the conference (information on participants can be found here[1])

The participants and evaluation community shared their diverse experience and sought to reach common understanding on challenges and opportunities for evaluation practice to support the Sustainable Development Goals. At the conclusion of the conference, ‘Bangkok Declaration on National Evaluation Capacity for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)[2]era was endorsed by the participants.

IRIM seeks to support the Bangkok Declaration and Global Evaluation Agenda for 2016 - 2020 to help evaluate the Sustainable Development Goals in the following ways:

  1. Promote equity focused evaluation and development practice
  2. Advocate for establishing a national evaluation framework in Mongolia (more about IRIM’s initiative in promoting evaluation use and a national evaluation framework here[3])
  3. Provide a platform for discussion and coordinated efforts in evaluation of national policies and SDGs within and outside Mongolia
  4. Provide opportunities for young evaluators and improve their competencies.

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Participants of the  workshop on ‘How to manage Equity-focused and Gender-responsive evaluations’ organized by Marco Segone (Chair of UNEG) and Ada Ocampo (Seniour. Evaluation Specialist at UNICEF).

As IRIM is at the core of many ongoing evaluation activities in Mongolia, in collaboration with our partner organisations in government and international development, consultants and researchers, we believe national evaluation capacities can be improved significantly in Mongolia and in the region.

Mongolian participation at the NEC 2015, Dolgion Aldar (IRIM).



[3] IRIM reception linkebaih