The Asian Foundation cooperating with Ministry of Mining started project ‘Engaging Stakeholders in Environmental Conversation Phase II (ESEC II)’ since 2013. The ESEC II project focuses on environmental rehabilitation of mined lands associated with artisanal mining communities. It seeks to ensure that Mongolia’s artisanal mining sector contributes to sustainable local development, including the realization of the right to a healthy environment.

Associating with it, Independent Research Institute of Mongolia conducted ESEC II project baseline survey in 2014.  From June 2016, IRIM started conducting end-line survey of the ESEC II project. The aim of the survey is to capture changes envisioned and the beginning of the project had indeed taken place as compared to the baseline study conducted in 2014. End-line survey will conduct in Ulaanbaatar city and 8 soums of 6 aimags.