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The purpose of the project was to assess whether the current content, methodology, and learning environment used in health education curriculums of teacher preparation programs are adequate in providing the students with all necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes required to successfully teach health education classes to general education schools; and to develop appropriate recommendations for improving the curriculums’ effectiveness.

 Although the coverage of the research was limited to teacher education programs in Mongolia, in order to fulfill the research purpose, IRIM team identified a control group to compare results from the target group with. Other universities that offer no health education teacher programs were included in this control group.

A total of five universities and schools were included in the project, namely, Mongolian State University of Education, Teacher’s College, University of Education in Dornod Aimag, School of Education in Bayan-Ulgii Aimag and University of Khovd and National University of Mongolia.


  • An evaluation methodology and a set of research instruments were developed by the project team;
  • Data was collected from 229 participants representing the target group programs, using various methods such as questionnaires, individual interviews, and focus group discussions.
  • Document analyses was conducted which covered the content; methodology; and learning environment of health class curriculums used in teacher preparation programs;
  • Primary data collected from quantitative surveys was fed into Excel spreadsheets, while open-ended questionnaire results were codified and the overall processing was carried out using statistical data analysis software after thorough checks for technical and logical errors;
  • During data processing, logical analysis, multiple factor analysis, dispersion and correlation analyses, and both single and comparative counts between variables were conducted; and

The inception report, technical and final reports of the evaluation research were submitted to the client.

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