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The main goal of this project was to assure that the data gathered and entered through the TVET 2012-2013 Admissions Survey is of the highest quality by conducting data quality monitoring. As a result of implementing the monitoring, IRIM provided recommendations for future improvement in data collection and entry related activities of the Admissions Survey.  

The main activities of the survey include designing the survey tools and reporting templates; conducting field monitoring, field check, manual check, phone verification and address verification; and developing reports on a regular basis. In addition, IRIM was responsible for validating the contact information of respondents/applicants through phone survey and home visits.

The DQM survey was conducted from 10 April to 20 September 2012 and covered a total of 2907 applicants at the nine selected VET schools including; Bayan-Ulgii VTPC; Polytechnic College (PTC); Darkhan-Uul VTPC; Dornod Phased VTPC; Gobi-Altai VTPC; Mongol Korean College; Orkhon VTPC; Ulaangom College; and Umnugobi VTPC.


  • As part of the inception phase, IRIM was responsible for updating the work schedule of the project, developing the reporting templates, survey tools and training manuals for enumerators as well as conducting training for support staff;
  • In order to monitor the data quality of the Admission survey, IRIM used two main approaches, field checks and field monitoring. IRIM performed field data checks on a random stratified sample of applicants (roughly 750 applicants) that have already participated in the Admissions Survey, using a phone interview method. The checking questionnaires are compared with the full applications collected by the Admissions Survey and detailed information on the results of this comparison is provided to MCA-Mongolia;
  • The field monitoring aimed to identify what worked and what components should be changed in the implementation of the Admissions Survey by monitoring and documenting the implementation of project activities through field visits. In conducting the field monitoring, six monitoring tools are used to evaluate the training and workshops, public outreach and data collection activities of the Admissions Survey;
  • In addition, the validity of contact information collected through the Admissions Survey is verified by the DQM survey. IRIM staff called all contact phone numbers of each applicant (roughly 7500 applicants) to verify their phone number status. Moreover, the validity of address information provided in the application form was verified by visiting aimag center registration offices or by contacting local officials to verify the address information;

The main deliverables of the DQM survey included weekly updates and reports, submission of dataset and questionnaires and completion reports. 

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