Start date:
October, 2015
Completion date:
March , 2016
Transparency International
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Assessment coverage: In scope of the project “Anti Corruption Agencies Strengthening Initiavive”, performance of Anti Corruption Agency of Mongolia is assessed in terms of its’ legal independence and status, financial and human resource, detection and investigation, and it’s capacity by using comparable level of indicators and criterias with seven Asia-Pacific countries. The assessment is based on a thorough revision of available Anti Corruption Agency’s reports and other country specific documents, and extensive interviews with public officials and civil servants from all branches of government, private, media and civic organization to identify difficulties and produce a set of specific recommendations.

The questionarre survey was conducted among 9 ACA senior personnals, 6 non-govermental organization leaders, 6 journalists and 11 anti corruption experts, in total 32 people. Also, 8 senior personnals and 4 officials from ACA were interviewed. The assessment has covered indicators of three years, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Background : There are limited assessments on performance of Anti Corruption Agency of Mongolia. The assessment methodology was developed by Transparency International and ACA of other 6 Asia Pacific countries were assessed at the same time. Corruption level of Mongolia is relatively high and it can be seen many different research results. According to TI’s Corruption Perception Index, ACA of Mongolia is ranked 80th place in terms of its corruption level. Also, according to World Competitiveness Report it has ranked 82th place out of 144 countries.

Data collection features : Data collection phase of the assessment was conducted between November 2015 and January 2016. Final draft of the report was introduced to client organization for it’s accurancy before validation workshop. The assessment team conducted several interviews and suveys among ACA senior personnals, non-governmental organization representatives, and journalists and anti corruption experts. Also, annual reports and plans of the ACA were reviewed.


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