Start date:
March 2016
Completion date:
June, 2016
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Assessment coverage:  The research team will study current regional and international economic cooperation modalities and review commonly-used regulations and make analyses of associated challenges and risks during implementation of these regional and international economic cooperation agreements on the example of selected countries and identify best practices and lessons learned. Main issues for consideration are fourfold:

  • Determine the most feasible regional economic integration mechanism for Mongolia
  • Foresee the opportunities and challenges that would influence economic development of Mongolia in case of country’s accession into membership
  • Take into account interests and conditions set forth by the mechanism, neighboring countries and trading partners
  • Supply with empirical evidences of other countries’ best practices and lessons learned in terms of acceding in the membership of the given integration mechanism.

Background : There is a limited research on the existing regional integration mechanisms, which prevents Mongolia from gaining benefits and opportunities that they offer.  Therefore, it is necessary for Mongolia to review and assess the policy carried out towards joining regional economic integration, and plan appropriate further measures to be taken, estimate expected results, the advantages and disadvantages as well as difficulties which may arise after joining integration process.

Assessment purpose : The proposed study aims at undertaking a detailed analysis and providing a balanced view on political and economic consequences of any chosen regional economic cooperation mechanism. The research work will then be used for developing a strategic action plan for Mongolia’s regional economic integration for different time frame scenarios.

Consequently, the reason for conducting a comprehensive and detailed research work are the followings:

• Seek the ways and opportunities for Mongolia to engage in regional economic integration; and

• Assist Mongolia in developing strategic documents to implement the regional and international economic cooperation and partnership agreements.

The objectives of the research work to focus on the following issues:

• Identification of the priority regional economic integration that Mongolia can possibly join in;

• Reflection of the possibilities and risks for Mongolia to cooperate with neighboring countries and trading partners; and

• Providence of rational and optimal choices for Mongolia in joining the economic integration by covering the issues related to joining processes with Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), ASEAN+ 3, ASEAN+ 6 structure, Trans-Pacific Partnership

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