Start date:
March 2013
Completion date:
December 2016
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
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Brief information of the study:

The main objective of the assignment is to develop and maintain a monitoring system to measure the results of the Swiss Cooperation Strategy 2013-16. In addition, IRIM will design and conduct a complementary external survey, which will allow for conducting a stratified sample to establish a baseline, and which will allow for systematic annual data collection and processing. This monitoring and evaluation (M&E) project covers the Agriculture and Food Security (AFS) domain of the SDC strategy (2013-2016), which consists of three sub-projects: Green Gold, Mongolian Potato Project and Integrated Water Management.

National level data will be collected and SDC level results will be evaluated against this baseline information. IRIM will also conduct annual surveys on AFS’ outcome level indicators and analyze the results within the framework of SDC strategy’s M&E indicators, allowing for impact and outcome evaluations. Specifically, IRIM will use an experimental research design to gather information pertaining to; general statistical information on the beneficiaries surveyed; agricultural information; access to perceptions about veterinary extension services; changes in farmers’ income; perceptions on stocking rates and carrying capacity; data on gender, the elderly, children; and income levels. IRIM will also compare the outcomes of treatment (project beneficiaries) and control households (non beneficiaries).

·         Design and conduct a baseline survey in 2013 using representative sampling of both the target group and control in soums of 7 Western aimags.

·         Prior to field work IRIM will prepare and deliver a manual for researchers administering the survey and will conduct participatory training on protocols for data entry staff and for internal quality control.

·         Conduct 3 annual monitoring sample surveys of SDC beneficiaries from 2014-16 using an interrupted time series design.

·         Conduct focus group discussions during the data collection in follow-up surveys but not during baseline survey. The use of FGDs will permit an understanding of any changes, which can be directly or indirectly attributed to AFS project and generate lessons learned and document good practices.

·         Analyze and evaluate data in line with SDC strategy 2013-16.

·         Develop and maintain an M&E framework to measure the results of the Agriculture and Food Security (AFS) domain of the SDC strategy. 

IRIM will produce two drafts of final reports for review by the client, before submitting a final product along with other deliverables.

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